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May. 27th, 2011

Dropped 2011-05-26

Minato (please_reapp): 5,054 comments (100.00%), played from 2009-01-17 to 2011-05-26 (859 days at 6 comments/day)

Happy Halloween!

Just sharing an old Sekirei halloween special.

bra and panties warningCollapse )

An actual conversation I actually just had

please_reapp: -- oh my god tangent first they animated the health exam sekirei chapter short wat

butlersfoodcake: ......oh my
I bet that is
/puts on glasses.


omfg ch 104 Kuusano Special

...so chapter 104 was released along with a DEAGING SPECIAL starring Kuusano as the responsible adult.

Matsu is Keroro Gunsou's Kururu?!Collapse )
So I upped the Kagari-winging centric episodes of the new Sekirei anime yesterday and might as well share the links here! Though I missed an excellent lead-up episode (4) naturally but hey. I figured I might as well offer the direct downloads while they're available.

Sekirei Pure Engagement ep 5
Sekirei Pure Engagement ep 6

CFUW 122 - locked to Cadbury

Ummm, so we should probably have a team post so we can talk about our thoughts. And also so we don't double up on suspicion votes and things like that.
ZAZZLE: Family gatherings will never happen! "YOU WILL NEVER BE PART OF MY FAMILY" remember?
ME: It is entirely possible the entire recent Sekirei Plan has been put together to arrange a family gathering, you know.
ZAZZLE: [Actually stabs herself in the forehead]


Relationship chart behind cutCollapse )